Electronic Mail – Internet Services

Retired Professors are now able to access the University’s e-mail service through their own Internet server. This will enable members to acquire/maintain the use of their “uottawa.ca” e-mail address. This service is available for life. However, the e-mail account will be discontinued if it remains unused for a period of twelve months.

In 2019, the University’s Human Resources Service announced that all their communications to retirees would henceforth be sent by e-mail only, unless a specific request is made for communications to be sent by post. The e-mail address used is the name@uottawa.ca e-mail address of the retiree. Paper documents will be sent only if specifically requested for each type of communication. Consequently, it is important to maintain your access to your name@uottawa.ca e-mail.

In addition, your University e-mail address and associated password are the unique identifiers that will give you access to several online services, including the ability to update your personal information, retrieve your tax forms such as the T4A forms, and make use of other online services.