Full Summary of Benefits

If you have any questions about retiree benefits, the preferred way to contact Human Resources at the University is by e-mail at hrbenefits@uottawa.ca . The infoRH telephone number is: 613-562-5832.

1.   Health Insurance

If an APUO member retires prior to the normal retirement date set out in the University of Ottawa Pension Plan (age 65), the member may, until she or he attains the normal retirement age of 65, participate in the supplementary health and dental insurance benefits provided to active APUO members. Eligible members who opt to continue their supplementary health benefits must pay the employer’s contribution for that benefit plan. If a member applies after 60 days of leaving the University Plan, she or he will required to complete a medical questionnaire. See section of the Collective Agreement.

At age 65, a retiree can join group benefits medical plans to replace the extended health and travel benefits enjoyed while an employee of the University. There are a number of choices, and retirees are advised to study what is being offered by each plan, as the terms differ significantly from plan to plan, and each retiree’s individual situation (state of health, family situation, spouse, dependents, etc.) is particular. Currently some of the possibilities open to retirees include (1) the plan sponsored by the Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTO), a registered charity (annual membership required); (2) the Municipal Retirees’ Organization of Ontario (MROO) Extended Health Care & Dental Care; (3) the Retired Teachers Insurance Plan (RTIP) sponsored by Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP); and (4) the “PlanDirect” coverage offered by Canada Life.

Members who retired on or after 1 May 2001 now have access to a Health Care Spending Account ($1350 for 2023). The programme, administered by Canada Life, will reimburse eligible members for expenses normally associated with health and dental benefits plans as stipulated in the 2021-2024 Collective Agreement, section 40.9.

2.   Health Care Spending Account

Retired academic staff who retired on or after 1 May 2001 have access to a Health Care Spending Account (HCSA), currently valued at $1,350 annually. This account can be used for the reimbursement of medical, dental, vision care, and drug expenses.  Premiums paid for the purchase of private extended health insurance plans are also eligible for reimbursement. 

The HCSA is administered by Canada Life (as of 1 November 2020). For information on how to submit claims and to register with Canada Life’s “GroupNet” as a plan member, please visit Canada Life’s Welcome Page for the University community at https://www.welcome.canadalife.com/uottawa . Our plan number is 177714.

You can also contact Canada Life at 1-833-794-0225, which is a dedicated number for the University of Ottawa community.

The terms of access for the HCSA, including carry over provisions and deadlines for claim submissions, are specified in section 40.11 of the 2021-2024 APUO Collective Agreement.


The following is a note of clarification provided by the Human Resources Service to a member wondering about eligibility and deadlines for making claims:

"Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) funds are deposited once per year in the first week of January. The HCSA can only reimburse eligible expenses using funds available on the date the expenses were incurred. For example, if you had an eligible expense in October 2022, you could use HCSA funds deposited in January 2022 or January 2021, depending on the balance available to you. However, for this same eligible expense from October 2022, you cannot use HCSA funds deposited in January 2023."

3.   Telemedicine

Retired academic staff at the University are eligible to use the services of LifeWorks Telemedicine. The Telemedicine services offer a suite of virtual health services to University faculty, staff, members of the retirees associations, and their eligible family members.

The new services will  provide direct and speedy online access to general practitioners 24/7 without charge to patients, regardless of their province of residence. Wait times will be reduced to mere minutes without having to leave your home or office. Services will include medical consultations, assessments, prescription renewals, referrals to specialists and laboratory requisitions. 

In order to access this service, you will need to create an account. Click on the “Create an Account button at the following  weblink: https://www2.uottawa.ca/campus-life/health-wellness/telemedicine .

4.   Life Insurance

The University provides its retirees with life insurance coverage the amount of which is determined as follows:

  1. Pension Plan members who joined the University before July 1, 1976: equal to 50% of their salary at time of retirement.
  2. Pension Plan members who joined the University after July 1, 1976
    • those with fewer than 10 years of service: $2,000;
    • those with 10 or more years of service: 10% of their final salary with a  minimum of $2000 and a maximum of $5000. 

6.   University Identification Card

Retirees should obtain a University Identification card (UID card) as soon as possible after retiring. The UID card can be obtained during regular business hours from the Human Resources Office at Room 019, Tabaret Hall. An appointment is not necessary. A picture will be taken and the card immediately processed. Retired professors are identified by the A/E code (Academic/Enseignant) on the card and by the title "Retired Professor" or "Emeritus Professor."

5.   Academic Courses

Retirees may, without paying tuition fees, attend courses as special students or for credit, subject to the usual academic requirements (including requirements regarding admission to programs). Retirees may also audit courses, subject to space availability.

Unless you already have a student number, you will need to set up a profile using https://uoforms.uottawa.ca/specialstudent. The Office of the Registrar will then create your special student profile within a few days. 

Once registered in your course(s), you may ask for your tuition fee exemption at https://web47.uottawa.ca/tuition-waiver/index.php

For more information on course registration, you may visit https://uottawa.ca/en/contact/infoservice

6.   Tuition Fee Exemption

Tuition fee exemptions are available for a retiree’s spouse, children, and dependents in accordance with sections and of the APUO Collective Agreement. This benefit is limited to a specified period of time following retirement, as detailed in section of the Collective Agreement.

7.   Library Access

  • Borrowing books and documents:  With a UID card, a retiree receives the same borrowing privileges as a part-time professor, i.e., regular borrowing privileges of 75 documents (books, videos etc.) for a period of 28 days. Emeritus, adjunct and visiting professors are entitled to borrow 75 documents for an entire session. A $2.00 fee is charged for books loaned from other libraries via interlibrary loan. At other Ontario universities with reciprocal agreements, retirees enjoy borrowing privileges upon presentation of a UID card with an A/E code.
  • Remote electronic access:  Remote electronic access to books, journals and databases (remote access from home) is more restricted than borrowing privileges are. Such access is available to APUO retired professors who are Emeritus (Collective Agreement, section 38.1.3) or APUO retired professors who have applied for Adjunct Professor status (Collective Agreement, section 38.2.3).

8.   University Bookstore

The University Bookstore provides retirees with a 10% rebate on books of general interest upon presentation of their A/E UID card. Retirees may also purchase computer equipment and supplies at the posted educational discount prices.

10.   Parking privileges

Retired professors are entitled to free access, on request, to surface parking lots on weekends only, and a 50% discount on parking at Brooks garage. A pass must be obtained ahead of time from the Parking and Traffic Office located at 139 Louis-Pasteur, room 133, upon presentation of your UID card. For current parking rates at Brooks garage, see the University Parking webpage. To obtain their 50% Brooks parking discount, 65+ retirees need to stop by the Parking Office to pay for parking for the day they come to campus. Unfortunately, Brooks tends to fill up very quickly in the morning, and space availability there doesn't ease up until later in the afternoon.

The agreement on parking between the APRUO and the Parking and Sustainable Transportation Office of the University (click here for the full text of the agreement)  also covers parking privileges for retired professors in certain special circumstances (volunteer work, guest lectures, association meetings, etc.). For details on these special cases, see the text of the parking agreement.

11.    Electronic Mail – Internet Services

Retired Professors are now able to access the University’s e-mail service through their own Internet server. This will enable members to acquire/maintain the use of their “uottawa.ca” e-mail address. This service is available for life.

In 2019, the University’s Human Resources Service announced that all their communications to retirees would henceforth be sent by e-mail only, unless a specific request is made for communications to be sent by post. The e-mail address used is the @uottawa.ca e-mail address of the retiree. Paper documents will be sent only if specifically requested for each type of communication. Consequently, it is important to maintain your access to your @uottawa.ca e-mail.

In addition, your University e-mail address and associated password are the unique identifiers that will give you access to several online services, including the ability to update your personal information, retrieve your tax forms such as the T4A forms, and make use of other online services.

12.   Sports Services

Montpetit Hall: Free basic membership with A/E UID card. Retirees pay active members’ rate for the various programmes and activities. IUD card must be activated annually at the clients services desk (Concourse level).

Fitness and Wellness Centre (King Edward at Mann): Special rates on membership and activities are available upon presentation of an. A/ E UID card. For current rates, see the Sports Services’ web site at https://www.geegees.ca/en/rec/memberships/employees-and-retirees.