Industry Documents

Letter to Minister Garneau, December 22nd, 2016

Letter to Prime Minsiter Trudeau and Minister Freeland, November 28, 2016

December 1st 2016 Worship Presentations

Jerry Giroux, Vice-President, Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited.
Zdenko Popovic, Officer - Global Trade Finance
Marc Isaacs, Trades Lawyer
Darcy Ferron, Global Accounts Director |Export Development Canada
Nadja Schauer, Trade Commissioner, GlobalAffairs
Richard Mahoney, Government and Public Policy Government Relations , McMillan
Grant Waddell, Procurement Coordinator Manager, Toronto Transit Commission
Steve Boam, Performance Leadership Workshop


Transportation of Dangerous Goods Newsletter 2016 Vol 36 No. 1-July 5, 2016


Webinar-Opportunities in the U.K.'s rail sector-June 8, 2016


Canadian Rail Summit Presentations-May 11-13, 2016

Economic Trade Workshop

Tony Hatch, ABH Consulting

Mario Péloquin, Thales Canada


Innovation Workshop

Paul Miller, University of Alberta

Stephen Gill, Flood Risk Canada

Ryan Mitrovich, MPL Innovations

John Cotter, LB Foster Rail Technologies


Regulatory Environment
Application of New Safety Technologies

Faye Ackermans, Transportation Safety Board of Canada

Andre Lalonde, GO Transit


Emergency Response Management

Spencer Buckland, Emergency Response Assistance Canada


Rail Infrastructure Workshop

John Jensen, Metrolinx

Andre Laplame, Genesee and Wyoming Canada

Guillaume Genin, CANARAIL Consultants


June 2, 2016

Protective Direction no. 37


National Railway Day Conference Presentations-November 3, 2015

Mr. Christian Dea, Chief Economist and Director General of Transportation and Economic Analysis

Mr. Tony Marquis, Senior Vice-President Operations, Eastern Region, CP

Ms. Evelyn Danilko for Mr. Christopher Swail, Acting Director of the Stage 2 Light Rail Transit Project, Ottawa LRT

Mr. Michael Gullo, Director, Policy, Economic and Environmental Affairs, Railway Association of Canada

Mrs. Faye Ackermans, Appointed Board Member, Transportation Safety Board of Canada


June 5, 2015

Proposed amendments to Part 8: Reporting requirements

March 10, 2015

Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities

February 17, 2015

CETA, A Synopsis, 2015


National Railway Day Conference Presentations-November 4, 2014

EDC Support in the European Market-Keilah Louch

European Certification-Stéphane Daudelin

NRC R&D Efforts- Philip Marsh and Blaine Peterson

Robert Taylor, AVP, North American Advocacy, Canadian Pacific Railway

Engineering Education in Canada and the Canadian Railway Sector-Claude Laguë

Confederation Line- Steve Cripps

Management of AMT Railway Infrastructure and Operations -Stéphane Lapierre

Investing in New Infrastructure- Rob Pattison

Vic Fedeli- Slide Deck

Domestic Production Requirements for Public Transit Equipment:  The New Reality in Canada- Martin Lavoie

Lac-Mégantic Derailment- Kathy Fox

Canada's Rail Safety Agenda- Michael Bourque


October 17, 2014

CETA, A Synopsis, 2014


August 29, 2014

Comments for submission for proposed amendments to the transportation of dangerous goods regulations.


July 3, 2014

AGM Tony Marquis Presentation 2014


April 23, 2014

Protective Direction 34 - Bottom Shell


March 18, 2014

Rail Safety In Transporting Dangerous Goods In Canada

 January 27, 2014

CMC Letter on ACCA

CMC Pre-budget submission

January 22, 2014

Letter to Minister Flaherty Regarding CCA for Freight Cars

Report Rgarding CCA for Freight Cars

November 2013

Derek Martin´s presentation on CaRRL

Capital Cost Allowance for Manufacturing Corporations in Canada and the United States.

Ground Hazards

Canadian Rail Research Lab

October 18, 2013

Letter to Minister Finley Re: Temporary Foreign Workers

Letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne Re: Retention of the “Industrial Exception” under the Professional Engineers Act

JUNE 2013

Rail Research Advisory Board Reports

RRAB Presentation to the Advisory Council on Railway Safety

Canadian Rail Research Laboratory Initiative (CaRRL) Project

Winter Wheel Shelling Project

Technology Enablers for Line Capacity

May 2013

Canadian Rail and Transit Market, May 02, 2013

Feb 2013

IRAP & DTAPP Webinar February 27, 2013


Presentation from AGM, December 7, 2012

The Big Move

Research and Develpment Opportunities and Information

CaRRL Update to RRAB Technical Committee

Value To Canada from Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Pojects

Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Brochure

RRAB Unfunded Projects for 2011 - 2012

Presentations from the CN Supplier Council, February 2, 2012

CN 2

CN 3

CN 4, Jay Nordenstrom CARS

CN 6

CN 7

Handout 1

Handout 2

Positive Train  Control Update

AGM 2011

Half Day Conference, Montreal, November 10th, 2011

Railway Suppliers Conference, Calgary, October 2011


Saudi Arabia Mission March 2011

CN's Supplier Council Meeting February 4, 2011

 On December 1, 2010, the Government of Canada launched preliminary consultations on the development of locomotive emissions regulations under the Railway Safety Act.

Locomotive Emissions Regulations:

North American Rail Summit
October 18, 2010
Montréal, QC

CARS and TTC/Metrolinx Rail Supplier Workshop
June 17, 2010
Toronto, ON

CARS and TransLink Rail Supplier Workshop
June 9, 2010
Vancouver, BC

The presentation was an extensive overview of TransLink´s and BCRTC´s plans for the near and long term future.

The guest speakers were:

  • Fred Cummings, VP Engineering and Implementation (TransLink)
  • Tamim Raad, Director Corporate Initiatives (TransLink)
  • Derek Cheung, Manager Strategic Sourcing (TransLink)
  • Sun Fang, VP Engineering, Wayside Maintenance & Infrastructure (BCRTC)
  • Peter Birker, Procurement Manager (BCRTC)
  • Kevin Gertz, Procurement Supervisor (BCRTC)
  • Chris Morris, Engineering and Technical Services (BCRTC)

CN Supplier Council
February 5, 2010
Montreal, QC

The following presentations outline CN´s priorities for 2010 for the benefit of our

Presentation by Leslie Woo, Vice President of Policy & Planning - Metrolinx, at the CARS Anual General Meeting
December 4, 2009
Toronto, ON

Speaking Notes

Canadian Pacific Presentation to CARS
CARS Supplier Workshop
October 19, 2009
Calgary, AB

Presentation to CARS
Dave Sissons
VP Strategic Sourcing, CP

Accessing Rail Transit Opportunities in the GTA
CARS Supplier Workshop
June 18, 2009
Toronto, ON

Metrolinx Presentation
John Howe, General Manager
Investment Strategy Projects, Metrolinx

Toronto Transit Commission Rail Projects
Bill Dawson, Superintendent of Route and System Planning
Service Planning Department, TTC

An Overview of Infrastructure Ontario and it's Mandate
Mathew Kattapuram, Senior Vice President
Civil Infrastructure

Presentation by Mr. Rajesh Sharma, Regional Manager in Mumbai for EDC in Toronto and Montreal.
February 17 & 19, 2009.

"Seizing Infrastructure Opportunities in India Breakfast Seminar"

CN Supplier Council
February 6, 2009

The following presentations outline CN´s priorities for 2009 for the benefit of our

Supply Management / Fleet Management Review (John Leblanc)

• Engineering and Mechanical Review By Sameh Fahmy, Engineering: New 
   Technology Needs by David Ferryman, Mechanical: New Technology Needs
   by Gerry Weber. Click here

Railway Supplier Sector Overview by Brian Lambert

Green Strategy & Sustainable Procurement Practices (Normand Pellerin)

CN Business Strategy (Keith Creel)

On Board for a Cleaner Environment - 2008 Rail Conference
May 6 - 7, 2008
Toronto, ON

Panel 1: Overview of the Railway Sector: Setting the Context

The Economic and Environmental Context 
Bruno Jacques, Director, Environmental Analysis and Research
Transport Canada

Partnering for Real Results
Rick Whittaker, Vice President, Investments
Sustainable Development Technology Canada

Opportunities to Reduce Air Emissions from Freight Transportation
Catherine Higgens, Director General, Environmental Programs
Transport Canada

Panel 2: Voluntary Approaches and Regulations

Update on Rail Emissions Regulations
Luc Bourdon, Director General, Rail Safety
Transport Canada

Canada Railways Initiatives: Improving Environmental Performance
Mike Lowenger, VP, Operations and Regulatory Affairs
Railway Association of Canada (RAC)

The US EPA´s New Program to Reduce Locomotive Emissions
Donald Kopinski, Senior Project Manager, Office of Transportation and Air Quality
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Railroads – The Environmentally Friendly Mode of Transportation
Robert Fronczak, Assistant VP, Environmental and Hazmat Safety and Operations
American Association of Railroads (AAR)

Panel 3: Controlling Air Emissions

Regulatory and Commercial Control of Railway Air Emissions:
Overview and Developments at CP

Dr. Malcolm Cairns, Director, Business Research
Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)

Locomotives Emissions Testing
Malcolm Payne, Director of Technology and Business Development
EngineSystemsDesignCenter (ESDC)

QRC's Energy Efficiency Program Reducing its Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Marc Laliberté, Président et chef de la direction
Société des chemins de fer du Québec

The Environmental Benefits of VIA´s New Capital Program
Roger Hoather, Director of Capital Programs
VIA Rail Canada

Panel 4: Reducing Emissions in the Supply Chain

A Vibrant Transport Network; A Cleaner Environment;
Intermodal's future in a carbon regulated world

Douglas Rubin, Senior Economist
Moffat and Nichol

Railways and the Environment: the Shippers' View
Bob Ballantyne, President
Canadian Industrial Transportation Association (CITA)

Practical Solutions
Robert Bryson, Director, Eastern Canadian Grain Operations
Parrish & Heimbecker

High Performance-Ultra Clean Locomotives
José Mathieu, President,
RailPower Technologies Corporation

Panel 5: Emissions Trading and the Rail Sector

Turning the Corner: Regulatory Framework for Industrial Greenhouse
Gas Emissions

Lynda Danquah, Head of Trading
Environment Canada

Alberta and the Environment: Opportunities for Emissions Trading
Andy Ridge, Climate Change Unit Lead
Alberta Environment

Locomotive Emissions Reduction Credits Utilizing Ontario's
Emissions Trading System

Carl Gerhardstein, Director, Environmental Systems
CSX Corporation

Emissions Trading and the Transportation Sector
Erik Haites, Consultant, Margaree Consultants Inc.

Panel 6: Technological Advancements in Passenger and
Freight Rail Transportation

Reducing Greenhouse Gas in the Commuter Environment
Peter Lloyd, Manager Rail Equipment
GO Transit

How Advancements Can Benefit Freight and the Environment
Normand Pellerin, Assistant VP, Environment
Canadian National Railway (CN)

Engines of Change
Michael Iden, General Director, Car and Locomotive Engineering
Union Pacific Railroad

Amtrak and Greenhouse Gas Reductions
Roy Deitchman, VP, Environmental Health and Safety

Panel 7: The Path Forward: Innovation and Research

Building and Integrated Innovation & Research Strategy:
The Environment as a Pillar of Development

Sesto Vespa, Chief, Technological Application, Transportation Technology
and Innovation Directorate
Transport Canada

Powering Freight Railway and the Environment and Profit,
Electrification - Why and How

Glen Fisher, President
CPCS Technologies

The Innovation Cycle for Environment-Friendly Railway Technologies
Peter Eggleton, Principal Consultant
Telligence Group

Locomotive Emissions, a Look Ahead
David Ducharme, Manager, Product Safety and Emissions Compliance
General Electric (GE)

Presentation by Mark Senn, Account Executive – Transportation for Export Development Canada at the CARS Anual General Meeting
December 5, 2008
Toronto, ON


Transportation Security Event
March 26, 2008
Ottawa, ON


Presentation by the City of Calgary´s Transportation Department to CARS members at their National Focus Tour Meeting
May 22nd 2007
Calgary , AB