The APRUO is your official representative...

Our Purpose: The APRUO is the official representative of retired academic staff (professors, librarians, counsellors) at the University of Ottawa. Our mandate is to promote the well-being of our members and represent your interests by maintaining close relationships with the University Administration and the Association of Professors of the University of Ottawa (APUO). We represent you with the University President’s Office, Human Resources, and the Pension Plan Committee, as well as on the APUO Board of Directors and Retired Members Committee. We work in active and close co-operation with the University’s Administrative Staff Retiree Association (ASRA).

Your Support: In order to accomplish these goals, we count on your support and active participation. Your membership makes us strong. We strive to maintain regular and up-to-date communication with our members, and we sponsor periodic social and cultural events to bring our members together and to maintain our friendships and connections with our colleagues.